We are here for florists, always doing what we can to streamline the processes while getting more orders sent your way

How am I involved as a Florist
working with Tukios

-Here at Tukios, we build websites and software to make the lives of funeral directors easier

-We train the florist(s) that the funeral homes want to work with on our floral portal to manage floral orders

-We link the floral portal to the funeral home website and florists start receiving orders

How does this software work?

Using our user friendly software, you can easily manage your orders and keep track of what needs to be fulfilled
You have full control over pricing; when you set the price for your products, you'll receive the entire amount without any deductions on our end.
Streamline your online retail experience by uploading products with tier options, photos, prices, and essential details for effective selling.
Tailor your portal to your preferences, including product display customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be paid as a florist?
We have direct deposit, wire transfer, or other options available to Canada and the USA.
What products can I upload?
You can either choose from our global products that we offer or upload your own products or keepsakes. 
Is there a contract or are there any fees associated with working with Tukios for the florist? 
No there are no fees or contracts 
Do you have a support team in case I have questions and need help?
Yes we have floral specialists that can help you and when they are not available we have an in house support team that is available after hours and on the weekends for all your questions.
How many funeral homes can I work with? 
You can work with as many funeral homes as you’d like as long as they are the ones that request you as a florist.
How do I get orders if there are multiple florists?
Our orders rotate based on obituaries. Florist A will receive all the orders for the obituary of John Doe. Florist B will receive the next obituary and all those orders of Jane Doe.