Keep in touch with the family
so they keep coming back
Why Aftercare?
The purpose of our Aftercare offering is to keep your firm top-of-mind with the family.
Effective aftercare feeds pre-need and drives online reviews.
Aftercare Cards
Automated program that provides comfort and support for families after the funeral is over. Each card/survey is customized to your funeral home or cemetery.


A sympathy card and/or a series of caring text messages will be sent following the service.
Automatically ask families to fill out a survey about their experience with your funeral home. When they are finished, they are gently asked if they’ll leave an online review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay per family?
For Texting, the cost is $150 per month and you can enroll as many families as you want.
For the Aftercare by card method, the cost is $25 per family.
Is there a contract?
Does this help with online reviews?
Absolutely! With both methods a link can be included to leave a review online. It’s a very effective strategy to get more online reviews.
Do I have to sign every family up?
No, you enroll only the families that you want to receive cards or texts.
How many text messages will the family get?
You decide what messages get sent and the schedule. This can be changed anytime.
Are the text messages personalized?
Yes, the messages are customized for your funeral home and personalized for each family.