Introducing Direct Delivery

NO MORE burning DVDs... unless you like that sorta thing.

Exclusive to Tukios, our Direct Delivery service gives you the ability to send HD videos to a specific TV at any location, anywhere. No more DVDs!

This service runs on a Mi Box using the Tukios Direct Delivery App. Once you're setup you just create a video, choose the TV, and hit play!

The Direct Delivery App is only supported on the Mi Box. It cannot be installed on other android devices.

Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I still want to burn DVDs?
You can still burn as many DVDs as you would like. This service is here to simplify the process and get the video in High Definition.

Will this work with an Apple TV?
This does not work on an Apple TV. The Apple TV does have an app store and does not allow local storage for the video. However, you can AirPlay an HD video from an iOS device to an Apple TV.

What if my internet is slow? Will it buffer like a YouTube video?
This service works by downloading the HD file to the Mi Box. You will never see buffering! The faster the internet connection, the faster the download of the file. They HD files are smaller than the DVD .iso files so either way this will save you time.

What if the visitation is somewhere without internet?
If your visitation is somewhere without the internet, you can have your Mi Box download the video before leaving your facility. Then it will play the video perfectly when you arrive to the visitation.

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