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Curtis Funk

Storee Kelley

Steven Willoughby

Micah Spicer
Capn America/Regional Director

Aaron Avner
X-Games/Regional Director

JC Hoye
Footloose/Client Success Manager

Wendy Ryan
Mom/Production Manager

Maurie Fullmer
Marna/Office Manager

Dan Hilton

Kevin Young
Kevvy Metal/Regional Director

Emily Sonderegger

Landon Bickley
Mustache/Regional Director

Garrett Maw
Garebot/Account Executive

Jordan Petty
Luigi/Client Success

Nick Graham
Nicky-6/Sales Development

Suzi McAuly

Ashtyn Hill

Nate Cummings
Beat Box/Client Success

Logan Shaw
Stunts/Account Executive

Daniel Child
Data/Sales Support

Jake Dickamore
Music Man/Client Success

Caleb Kreiger
Tall Guy/Account Executive

Sage Thornock
Spice/Sales Development

Dylan Corbin
Bradley/Sales Support

Holden Schenck
Tarzan/Account Executive

Trent Overson
TopGolf/Sales Dev Director

Greyson Flint
Greb/Sales Development

Tukios History

Our awesome story

Everything about Tukios is easy except saying the name. The most common question we hear is “what's a Tukios?” Tukios is the plural form of a word from the Swahili language that means “event.” We pronounce it “too-key-ohs.” We wanted our name to be just as unique as our company., Tukios' sister company, got its start in 2001 recording funeral services. It then began offering webcasting to its customers 2008. After a few years at, we noticed a need in the industry for a really simple tribute video solution. That's how Tukios was born. Tukios was launched in 2009 to make funeral director's lives easier by saving them time and money on tribute videos. We have since merged with Our passion is making a great product that is indispensable to funeral directors everywhere. We love to hear from our customers and are constantly adding new features they request.

tukios office

Contact Information

Feel free to reach out to us. People say we have the best support in the industry.

Contact Info

Mailing Address
Tukios, Inc.
PO Box 3207
Ogden, UT 84409

Phone Number
T: (801) 682-4391


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