Mainstream Music On Tribute Videos

We now have some mainstream music options available in the Tukios music library. These songs have a additional fee to use them but the cost is significantly lower than other options.

This is available to all Tukios users, and will help you provide the tribute your families are really looking for. You can see the list of available songs and share it with your families at

Using our mainstream music is subject to the User License Agreement and costs $15/song per video.

View the Music List

Common Misconceptions About Legal Uses of Music on Videos

There are several misconceptions we hear frequently regarding legal use of music. Here are a few statements to try and clear them up:

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the $15 per song cover?
The $15 fee provides you with the synchronization license to put the music on the video, stream the video online, and produce up to 10 hard copies.

What if I make more than 10 hard copies?
Each additional copy created beyond the 10 will incur a $2 fee per song. If the video has 2 mainstream songs, it will cost $4 for the license to burn an additional copy.

Can I still upload music from my computer?
Our software still allows you to upload songs. This does not mean that you are legally covered to upload popular music.

What if I'm not selling videos? Does it still require a license?
Legally, yes. It doesn't matter whether or not you are charging for the video. If you are creating videos, the video will still require a sync license for the songs.

Do I still need my performance license I pay for every year?
Yes. The performance license that you are most likely purchasing through the NFDA or ICCFA is still required to play music in your facility. The sync license for the video does not provide that.

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