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The Video Book is a more modern keepsake for the family. The Video Book can sit on the coffee table, shelf, or night stand, and the video plays the moment it is opened.


The Video Book can be produced and fulfilled by Tukios, or you can fulfill them in-house by purchasing them in bulk. This is done by loading the HD video file on the book and placing a photo in the cover.

Bulk Video Books

This is a bulk purchase of blank Video Books that you will be responsible to put the video and cover photo in. You have the option to include your logo on the back with quantities of 250 or more. On smaller orders, the funeral home logo may be added with a glossy sticker.

Each book comes with a USB cable for charging the battery and loading the video file.

Larger orders with a custom logo take 3-4 weeks to deliver.


Bulk Video Books
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Video Book Setup

If you order the Video Books in bulk and you’re fulfilling them in-house, this video shows you how to get the picture and the video loaded in to the Video Book for the family.

Pro Tip

Include a Video Book in your Tribute Video offering and explode your margins! Providing a higher quality product like this allows you to sell the video package at a premium price.

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