Private Video Memories

When they can't be there, let them SHOW they care.

SendHugs is a new system developed by Tukios to allow loved ones who are unable to attend the services to share their respects and memories with the family.

How it Works

  1. Share the SendHugs Link with Family and Friends
  2. They Record their Memories
  3. You Share those Memories with the Family
    (At the service, online, etc.)
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Teaser Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I stitch the videos into one single video?
Yes! Each SendHugs link gives you the option to "Export Videos to Slideshow" where the individual clips are pulled into Tukios. You can then add a background music track, theme, etc. to enhance the final product.

What does this cost?
During our private beta, phase, we are not charging for this service. Once we feel that the process is figured out, there may be a reasonable subscription fee for use of this feature.

Does this require an App?
No! This is something that family and friends can use without having to install any sort of app. It will work from their computer or smart phone as it is.

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