Are your families looking for something tangible to remember their loved one? The Photo Book is an afforadable solution that provides each family with a durable and memorable keepsake that will always impress those you serve. The Softcover Photo Book is 8.5" square and printed on photo quality paper.


  • Up to 100 pictures
  • We fulfill, design, and ship each book
  • Branding included on the back cover
  • 1-click purchase
  • Does not include DVD or Video

The Photo Book is produced and fulfilled by Tukios. This cannot be done at your facility. The time from order to delivery is typically 7 days.



Include a Photo Book in your Tribute Video offering and explode your margins! Providing a higher quality product like this allows you to sell the video package at a premium price.


Why does it only fit 100 photos?
The size of the book prohibits it from fitting more than 100 photos. When a video has more than 100 photos and a book is ordered, only the first 100 are included in the book.

How do I get a hold of a sample to show families?
Send an email to support@tukios.com with your shipping information or give us a call at (801) 682-4391, that sample will be in the mail quicker than you can spell Mississippi!

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