The Bookshelf Box is our signature product.It is a beautiful keepsake that provides a lasting impression on those you serve.

The Bookshelf Box Includes

  • High-Gloss Waterproof DVD (design is printed directly on the disc. No sticky labels.)
  • Hard Cover Box
  • Up to 75 of the photos used (printed)
  • Optional Memory Drive (Adds $20)
  • Shipping with Tracking Number

The Bookshelf Box is only produced and fulfilled by Tukios. This cannot be done in-house at your facility. The time from order to delivery is typically 7 days.



Include a Bookshelf Box in your Tribute Video offering and explode your margins! Providing a higher quality product like this allows you to sell the video package at a premium price.


Why does it only fit 75 photos?
The size of the box prohibits it from fitting more than 75 photos. When a video has more than 75 photos and a box is ordered, only the first 75 are printed and shipped.

Do I need to mail in the photos to order a Bookshelf Box?
No. Since the photos are already digitally stored in the video file, we use those to print the pictures that are packaged in the box.

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