Make Videos in 1 Minute

Family Uploads Photos

You Pick Theme/Music

Send HD Video to TV

1. Family and Friends Upload Photos & Videos

Why is this cool?

  • Works from Any Device
    No app to download, it just works! Mobile, desktop, tablet... it all works.
  • Photos & Videos
    The family isn't just limited to pictures. They can also upload their cherished home videos.
  • Photo Arrangement
    They can easily drag and rearrange the photos from their own device.
  • White Labeled
    They never see Tukios. We stay behind the scenes and you get the credit!
  • No Scanning Pictures
    This may be the best benefit, you don't have to scan anymore!
  • Learn More about Family Upload

2. Choose Theme and Music

Choose from over 100 themes and tons of songs that we have in our stock library. We add a new theme every Thursday, and our music library is constantly growing.

You can also let the family choose the theme and music. Learn More

3. Send it directly to the TV - NO DVD

Ain't nobody got time to burn!

  • Works from Anywhere!
    This is fantastic for those who have multiple locations or like to work from home.
  • HD
    Put your fancy TV to use, the video plays in High Definition.
  • Saves Locally
    The Mi Box will save the HD file directly to it. This means the video will play even if your internet cuts out.
  • Play or Loop
    The video menu looks just like the DVD menu with the option to play or loop.
  • Learn More about Direct Delivery

Family Video Builder

Let the family do it.

Introducing our Family Video Builder option. This allows the family to pick the theme, upload the photos/videos, and choose their music. All you have to do is send them the link. This keeps you in control and eliminates the embarrassment of a video that the family brings that won't play.

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