When was the last time you pulled out a DVD and loaded it in your DVD player? The Video Book is a more modern keepsake for the family. The Video Book can sit on the coffee table, shelf, or night stand, and the video plays the moment it is opened.


  • 7 inch HD screen
  • IPS display (Viewable from all angles)
  • Optional branding on the back - included on bulk orders of 250 or more.
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Battery lasts for 2 hours of continuous playback
  • Fulfilled by Tukios on wholesale and retail orders
  • Can be fulfilled in-house at funeral home
  • Shipping included in the price
  • Discounts for bulk orders

The Video Book can be produced and fulfilled by Tukios, or you can fulfill them in house by purchasing them in bulk. This is done by loading the HD video file on the book and placing a photo in the cover.


Order in Bulk


Include a Video Book in your Tribute Video offering and explode your margins! Providing a higher quality product like this allows you to sell the video package at a premium price.

Press Release

Tukios has introduced an innovative new keepsake with the recently released Video Book. At an affordable price, the video book creates a more modern way for families to cherish their tribute video for years to come, without the hassle of inserting a DVD.

The Video Book is equipped with speakers and a 7” HD IPS screen allowing viewers to watch the video from any angle. This is consistent with the quality of screen consumers are used to on their smartphones. The rechargeable battery lasts for two hours of continuous video playback and begins playing the moment the book is opened.

Curtis Funk, CEO of Tukios said, “I’m really excited about the Video Book. The world has been moving away from DVDs and we have released a few products and features to adapt to these changes. With the quality of this product and the large HD display, the initial feedback has been phenomenal!”

Orders for video books can be fulfilled by Tukios, or in-house by the funeral home. Optional branding is available on the back and discounts are offered on bulk orders. Learn more about the Video Book at www.tukios.com/video-book.

Loading a Video Book

If you order the Video Books in bulk and you're fulfilling then in-house, this video shows how to get the picture and the video loaded in to the Video Book for the family.


How long can the video be?
The video book holds up to 1GB video files. The HD Video File from Tukios is compressed really well to keep the file size down. In most cases this will hold up to a 45 minute video.

How does the battery work?
The battery is built into the book. There is a USB port on the bottom where you can plug in the video book to charge it. It can play continuously for 2 hours one a single charge. That means the average video can play over 20 times before needing to recharge the battery.

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