Tribute Videos

Our tribute video features are all included in the price of the video creation. You only pay extra if you’re ordering physical products from us. We won’t charge you extra to burn copies, to print labels or to host the video on the web.

We know you have more important things to do than make videos.

Save Time

Your time is valuable. With Tukios, it takes less than 10 minutes from the time you start making a video to the time your video is playing in HD on the TV!

Save Effort

Families can watch their loved one's tribute videos right on your website and place orders for video products there as well. With each order, you make money and we do all the work!

Save Money

You no longer have to sacrifice quality for price. With Tukios' pay-as-you-go model, you only pay $20 per video and only use it when you need it. No contracts. It's that easy.

Direct Delivery

Exclusive to Tukios, our Direct Delivery service gives you the ability to send HD videos to a specific TV at any location, anywhere. All you’ll need is a Google Chromecast and a wi-fi connection to download the tribute videos to the device. No more burning DVDs…unless you like that sorta thing!

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Family Photo Upload

No more scanning photos :)

This Tukios exclusive feature provides a simple way to collect photos from the family and
avoid scanning! Our uploader tool allows multiple family members to send photos simultaneously from any computer or mobile device.

How it works

You initiate the
Send link to
They upload pics/videos
You finalize the

Online Sales

One of the greatest things about Tukios is the ability for you to generate revenue from online orders without lifting a finger! Beneath every embedded video, there is a link for family members to order physical copies of the video. When this happens, you get paid and we do all the work. You decide what your retail prices will be and collect the difference from our wholesale prices.

How it works

Set your retail
Online orders get
We do the
You make

Bookshelf Box Example

$61 Wholesale Cost
$99 Retail Price
$38 Your Profit

Make your first video Free!

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Pro Tip

Use a high speed scanner to save hours of scanning time. We suggest the Fujitsu Scansnap. These babies can scan 20 high-res photos per minute!

Fujitsu Auto-Feed 
Photo Scanner

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