Custom Themes

Build your own theme in just a matter of minutes. Each new theme is automatically saved to your library for future use. This is especially valuable for themes specific to the area you serve.

Infinite Possibilities

This new feature allows you to build your own themes in just a matter of minutes. We have seen themes built for specific police departments, chocolates, butterflies, makeup, heavy metal, classic cars, pearls, hunting, bowling, tattoos, karate, and the list goes on and on.

How it works

Find the perfect
Pick fonts and
Tukios animates
You've got a new theme!


Build a perfectly unique theme for a perfectly unique life.

Here are a few samples of some custom themes. The Tukios library does not have a School Teacher Theme or a Firefighter theme, both of these were created in the custom theme builder.

As you can see each theme has 2 images that are used as part of the intro, 1 image that is used as part of the outro, and 1 more used as the theme background. The school teacher theme is using the “dust” overlay that is adding those floating dust particles over the video. The firefighter theme is using the “lightray” overlay. The images were collected from royalty-free photo sites that can legally be used.

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