Floral Marketplace

Why Us?

Tukios Partners with Funeral Homes to create their websites. Online customers such as extended families and friends have the ability to orders floral selections for the services via these sites.

We are looking to partner with exceptional florists like yourselves to fulfill those orders and augment your flower sales.

How it Works

  • You determine what you want to sell.
  • You set the prices and change them at will.
  • No network or cancellation fees
  • You keep 100% of the delivery fee
  • You can receive all of your notifications via text, email, voice and fax.
  • You get to determine if you want to be paid daily, weekly, or monthly and you get to choose which day you prefer most

What are the Benefits?


  • The price you set for your arrangements is the price that you get!
  • ACH Deposit come straight to your bank account at the interval of your choosing. Choose between daily, weekly, or monthly payment intervals and get paid on the day that works best for you!
  • You will be paid 100% of the price that you determine for your products.
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