Make Videos in 1 Minute

Family Uploads Photos

You Pick Theme/Music

Send HD Video to TV

1. Family and Friends Upload Photos & Videos

Why is this cool?

  • Works from Any Device
    No app to download, it just works! Mobile, desktop, tablet... it all works.
  • Photos & Videos
    The family isn't just limited to pictures. They can also upload their cherished home videos.
  • Photo Arrangement
    They can easily drag and rearrange the photos from their own device.
  • White Labeled
    They never see Tukios. We stay behind the scenes and you get the credit!
  • No Scanning Pictures
    This may be the best benefit, you don't have to scan anymore!
  • Learn More about Family Upload

2. Choose Theme and Music

Choose from over 100 themes and tons of songs that we have in our stock library. We add a new theme every Thursday, and our music library is constantly growing.

You can also let the family choose the theme and music.

3. Send it directly to the TV - NO DVD

Ain't nobody got time to burn!

  • Works from Anywhere!
    This is fantastic for those who have multiple locations or like to work from home.
  • HD
    Put your fancy TV to use, the video plays in High Definition.
  • Saves Locally
    The Mi Box will save the HD file directly to it. This means the video will play even if your internet cuts out.
  • Play or Loop
    The video menu looks just like the DVD menu with the option to play or loop.
  • Learn More about Direct Delivery

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